Michiel Reedijk is a dutch based songwriter. He started writing songs for fun on a very young age. His first official record release was a dutch popsong ‘Het is niet te laat’, it’s never too late to achieve your dreams. We still dream big to bring the message of universal love to the world with our songs/lyrics and music productions. We invest a lot in charity and musical development. Our latest charity project involves inspiration for recovery of (ex) psychosis. Our goal is to create a peaceful world with a peaceful mind.

Next to his passion for songwriting and charity, Michiel Reedijk also plays keyboards in several bands and occasionally rocks the keytar and vocoder.

His artistname is Chielio, given by his best friend Angelo Cheng. Nowadays Chielio is more active as a songwriter Michiel is his birthname name given by his loving parents.

Michiel Reedijk